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Much more than just a resort...Puy St Vincent, Every year, choosing your holiday destination is of key importance. To help you plan your holiday, we?ve endeavoured to portray Puy St Vincent as the place where you will enjoy a truly unique experience. Here?s why: Exceptional scenery This will be your playground and a space where you can relax and unwind. Space is what you need: the grandeur of a majestic natural setting guaranteed to fill you with wonder and admiration. Ski in the winter, hike in the summer. You are in the Pays des Ecrins, at the heart of a fabulous nature reserve. A unique atmosphere Puy St Vincent combines the authenticity of mountain traditions and genuine warmth and friendliness with all the advantages of a modern resort that evolves year after year to satisfy your needs and invites you to add your own personal touch to this subtle blend. Experience mountain life... In Puy St Vincent, we believe that all our guests should be able to enjoy their holiday at their own pace. Our resort will adapt to your wishes and desires. You choose the game, we provide the playground. In winter, our activities range from skiing, snowshoe outings, snowboarding, crosscountry skiing, dog-sled and Skidoo outings to paragliding or climbing expeditions on ice cascades. Activities to satisfy the boundless energy of the youngest visitors whilst meeting the expectations of families on holiday.

Rent your ski equipment in PUY ST VINCENT

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Multiglisse option: suit your mood

You want to try out other types of equipment during your stay to suit the snow cover or your mood?!
This option is for you! For only 15 euros extra per equipment, you can swap one sort of gear for another from the same category as that originally rented or you can downgrade. You can swap thrice a week depending on availability in the shop.

Multidate option: flexible dates

Your kids want to ski all week but you’ve planned to do other activities during your stay?!
Don’t worry about making several bookings, our Multidate option lets you include equipment rented out for different lengths of time in the same booking! The price is calculated according to the number of consecutive days booked.

More you book, less you pay

Depending on the shop, you may get an additional discount according to the number of packs booked.
(conditions only apply to participating shops and on the number of packs they decide need to be rented for the discount to apply).

Earlier you book less you pay

Depending on the shop, the earlier you book, the greater the discount!
(conditions only apply to participating shops and depend on the number of days between the booking date and the holiday start date - the additional discount amount is set by the participating shop.).

Snow Guarantee

Choose our ‘Snow Guarantee’ for stress-free skiing. Our ‘Snow Guarantee’ is free and ensures that your rental is reimbursed for the number of days you could not ski. This is subject to conditions.
The rental store agrees to reduce the amount due and guarantees reimbursement for the number of days not skied because of lack of snow or bad weather on condition that the company managing the resort?s ski lifts has reimbursed the customer for non-used ski passes for the days concerned. If the company managing the ski lifts has not completely reimbursed the number of days claimed, the rental store will not be able to reduce the amount due by the customer.
This agreement is subject to the laws of France; and transactions are made in Euros.

VIP option

The VIP option offers you unequalled quality of service, whatever your skiing ability. It gives you access to select services in addition to your ski rental of 6 days or over for only for 25 euros more.

Whichever ski range you choose, the VIP option enables you to hike the service level up a notch by including:

  • Multigliss : possibility of changing equipment thrice per week
  • The use of a boot bag
  • Comfortable and snug insoles
  • Rented ski waxing and edge-sharpening once during your stay.

These services are all-inclusive in our Prestige pack.