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  1. I haven't received my booking form : is everything all right ? You have made a booking for equipment rental but you haven't received the confirmation email with your booking form. The email address that you typed in may be incorrect or your inbox may be full. Contact us at ( and state your first name and last name and your booking number if possible so that we can send you your booking form.
  2. How should I collect my equipment ? You have booked your equipment : how do you go about collecting it from the shop ? When we have received your payment by credit card or cheque and your booking is finalised, a confirmation email with your booking form will be sent to you. You must present this form in the shop in order to pick up your equipment.
  3. Can I change the contents of my basket if I have already paid the deposit ? The contents of your basket can be modified up to 3 days before your departure. The balance to be paid in the shop is automatically recalculated. Please send an e-mail to detailing the changes you wish to make to your booking.
  4. Can I change the sizes that I have ordered ? If you are not sure about the sizes that you stated on the booking form, you can change them when you get to the shop. You will try your boots on in the shop to make sure that your equipment is suitable. Thanks to their stock of equipment, the shops are usually able to satisfy your needs and requirements. No supplement is charged for changing sizes. However, if you change equipment category, the supplier may ask you to pay a supplement.
  5. Are poles included with ski rental ? Yes, poles are always rented with skis.
  6. Is it possible to rent a particular model of skis or snowboard ? No, we are unable to guarantee that the shop will have the the model that you have requested in stock. The equipment that you see on our website is provided for information purposes only. The shop will offer this to you if it is available, or otherwise equipment from the same category. If you contact the supplier directly they will be able to give you more information regarding their selection of equipment.
  7. My son doesn't want to ski all week, do I need to to make a new booking for his equipment? No you don't. At the "customisation" stage you can reduce the rental period for any of the equipment you have booked. The price will be recalculated. You can book to fit around your needs without having to make several separate bookings!
  8. Can I try several types of equipment during my week?  Yes, you can. When you select the "Multi-equipment" option (optional), it's 15€ extra per equipment type. You can change equipment within the same category you initially booked or downgrade. You can change once per day depending on availabilities in the shop. .
    The shop can decide to cancel this option if they have insufficient stock over certain periods.
    If you want to exchange your gear for higher category gear, the shop will charge you a supplement.
  9. Is rented equipment insured against theft or breakage ? No, it is not systematic However, you can select this option (optional) for the equipment you have booked. If you decide not to take this cover out online, the ski rental shops may offer it to you when you pick up your skis.
    This cover is subject to an excess (see the General terms of sale).
  10. I booked via your site last year so is it possible to find my details again ? Yes. You should have received an email from us informing you of your password so that you are able to retrieve your information. If you have lost this email, it is possible for you to recieve it again. In stage 3 a link allows you to find your password by submitting your email address. Be careful, this email address must be the same as the one that you used to book last year. Please contact us if you have changed your email address.
  11. How do I cancel my booking ? If you chose to pay by cheque, do not send it and your booking will be automatically cancelled. If you have chosen to pay via card, you have a legal retraction period of 14 days in which to inform us you wish to cancel your booking and be reimbursed. Once this timeframe expires, your deposit is only reimbursed if you opted for the "Cancellation cover" (optional) offered on the website.
  12. I would like to pay the deposit by cheque : who should I make it payable to ? Who should I pay the balance to ? The deposit cheque should be sent to : TWINNER SERVICE COMMERCIALISATION MONTAGNE
    17 avenue de la Falaise
    38 360 Sassenage - FRANCE.
    Make your cheque payable to: Go Sport.
    Please do not forget to write your booking reference on the back of the cheque. The balance should be paid to your supplier in resort.
  13. Can I pay for several bookings with the same cheque ? You have made several bookings but you would like to write one cheque to cover all of the deposits. Yes, this is possible but don't forget to write the different booking references on the back of the cheque.
  14. I have ANCV holiday vouchers: can I use them to pay for equipment rental? The desposit can only be paid by card or cheque. However, you may use your ANCV holiday vouchers to pay for the remaining amount in the shop.
  15. When can I collect my equipment ? Your equipment will be available in the shop from the evening before your first day's skiing.
  16. I have size 48 feet (more even). Will I find big enough boots? On the whole, our shops stock large-sized boots. However, to make sure you get the right size, be careful to give your shoe size on the booking form. You can also directly contact the shop by telephone or contact us via email at
  17. Do prices include taxes or not? Our rates include taxes.
  18. I confirmed my order twice, what should I do? Only our booking office can cancel a booking. Please contact us at
  19. I returned my skis early and the shop refused to reimburse me for the days I didn't ski. Is this allowed? Yes. Our general terms of sale state that any booking that has been started must be paid in full.
  20. My booking by card has been refused, do I need to make a new booking? If your card has been refused, your booking is on "standby". You can confirm it by sending a cheque to TWINNER SERVICE COMMERCIALISATION MONTAGNE
    17 avenue de la Falaise
    38 360 Sassenage - FRANCE.
    Remember to note down the booking number on the back of the cheque. When we receive it your booking will be confirmed and you'll receive a confirmation email.
  21. I got the shop wrong on my booking form, what can I do? To modify your booking please contact our booking office at Don't forget to give your booking reference and the name of the shop from which you wish to rent.

Multiglisse option: suit your mood

You want to try out other types of equipment during your stay to suit the snow cover or your mood?!
This option is for you! For only 15 euros extra per equipment, you can swap one sort of gear for another from the same category as that originally rented or you can downgrade. You can swap thrice a week depending on availability in the shop.

Multidate option: flexible dates

Your kids want to ski all week but you’ve planned to do other activities during your stay?!
Don’t worry about making several bookings, our Multidate option lets you include equipment rented out for different lengths of time in the same booking! The price is calculated according to the number of consecutive days booked.

More you book, less you pay

Depending on the shop, you may get an additional discount according to the number of packs booked.
(conditions only apply to participating shops and on the number of packs they decide need to be rented for the discount to apply).

Earlier you book less you pay

Depending on the shop, the earlier you book, the greater the discount!
(conditions only apply to participating shops and depend on the number of days between the booking date and the holiday start date - the additional discount amount is set by the participating shop.).

Snow Guarantee

Choose our ‘Snow Guarantee’ for stress-free skiing. Our ‘Snow Guarantee’ is free and ensures that your rental is reimbursed for the number of days you could not ski. This is subject to conditions.
The rental store agrees to reduce the amount due and guarantees reimbursement for the number of days not skied because of lack of snow or bad weather on condition that the company managing the resort?s ski lifts has reimbursed the customer for non-used ski passes for the days concerned. If the company managing the ski lifts has not completely reimbursed the number of days claimed, the rental store will not be able to reduce the amount due by the customer.
This agreement is subject to the laws of France; and transactions are made in Euros.

VIP option

The VIP option offers you unequalled quality of service, whatever your skiing ability. It gives you access to select services in addition to your ski rental of 6 days or over for only for 25 euros more.

Whichever ski range you choose, the VIP option enables you to hike the service level up a notch by including:

  • Multigliss : possibility of changing equipment thrice per week
  • The use of a boot bag
  • Comfortable and snug insoles
  • Rented ski waxing and edge-sharpening once during your stay.

These services are all-inclusive in our Prestige pack.